New Wine is a 'brand' of Christian t-shirts, bracelets, bags, and other apparel. The idea here is that the Word of God (the Bible) still has the same power it did way back when to grab people's attention. And by putting it in a very readable place, that's interesting and beautiful to the eye, we'll be able to share the scriptures with everyone.

John chapter 1 says that God is His Word (scripture) and that the Word became flesh (Jesus). So when you share the scriptures anywhere (on a wall, in a book, on a shirt), you're giving people Jesus. Like, you're straight up giving Him away to people who need Him!

These shirts are like seed; we want to scatter this seed all over the world, and pray for them to grow. The fruit that they bear will be salvation, joy, hope, and love for everyone who reads, wears, or sees them.

So when you buy/recieve a New Wine shirt, you aren't just getting a really cool, excellent quality shirt -- you're sharing Jesus with people who may not have had access to Him before.

Check out New Wine's blog for great devotionals and more information about our shirts!

If you'd like to know even more about New Wine, you can check out the FAQ page!